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Energy Saving Club

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Why Join Our Energy
Savings Club ?

Peace of Mind – HVAC system problems commonly occur at the height of summer or winter when the unit is working at its full capacity. Being part of our Energy Savings Club means that you will receive prompt service, assessment, and repair, without paying any overtime bills.

Fewer Costly Repairs – Routine services that one part of the Energy Savings Club benefits, allow us to identify any problems and repair them, before they progress into larger issues, saving you from future expensive repairs.

Better Energy Efficiency – If your HVAC system doesn’t get a regular service check its energy efficiency reduces by 5% per annum. The Energy Savings Club means that you get regular maintenance which keeps it working at top efficiency. Which also translates into reduced energy bills.

Longer Service Life – Well maintained equipment is more reliable and lasts for longer in comparison to equipment that is not maintained. So, by joining the Energy Savings club your HVAC system will last longer and maybe even exceed its expected lifespan.

Warranty Compliance – If you have a manufacturer’s warranty and your HVAC system fails, our Energy Savings Club will provide you with proof that you have met the warranty’s conditions when you file a claim.

Savings on Service and Repairs  – Our Energy Savings Club has a range of discounts on services, repairs, new equipment purchases and installation services.

Convenient Automatic Monthly Billing – This is available to account holders that have a debit or credit card. Personal service is available, provided by our professional, licensed and certified technicians and installers.

No Service Fees or Trip Charges – All service fees and trip charges are not applicable to customers who are part of our Energy Savings Club.



30% Discount on Service Calls

Same 30% Discount for Friends and Family

5 Year Parts Warranty

Up to 1 lbs. of Refrigerant if Needed

Loyalty Award – $25.00 per Year

up to $300.00 off Equipment

10% Discount of New Equipment

21 Point Inspection

Lower Utility Bills

Extended Equipment Life*

Priority Service

Transferable & No Risk Agreement
(no cost to join no cost to resign)

Convenient Scheduling

Improved System Capacity

No Hidden Fees

3-year Inflation Protection

$ 1500 Referral Program*

Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

60 day no breakdown guarantee**

Please Enroll me in the Breathe
Easy Energy Savings Club!
Breathe Easy Energy Savings Club
Starting at $7.49 per month

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Credit Card:
Please bill my credit card for the amount of $ Monthly payments of $ will recur every 30 days thereafter.
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