Heating Central Gas Furnace Repair

Problems Solved by Furnace Repair Service

Because furnaces are man-made machines they have a limited lifespan. During that lifespan, the need for repairs may well arise. Of course, when that happens you should call a furnace repairman from Breathe Furnace Repair to get your system back up and running in short order. So what kind of things cause the need for a furnace repair?

Failure to Regularly Inspect and Maintain

One of the first and best ways to avoid breakdowns in your furnace is to have a furnace service do an inspection on your system prior to the onset of winter. A furnace repairman will do a thorough inspection on your furnace to make sure it is ready to handle the cold Evanston winter.

Failure to Change Filters Regularly

Your air filter is crucial to keeping dirt and dust from passing into your system, clogging it, and causing malfunction. Filters should be changed monthly to avoid having to call for furnace repair service. We advise buying enough filters for the whole year so you always have a clean one handy.

Mechanical Wear and Tear

The winters in Evanston can be brutal and they keep your furnace running pretty much around the clock. Any mechanical device begins to have natural problems simply due to normal wear.  Eventually, this may require a furnace repair or even a furnace replacement but regular inspections by a Breathe Furnace Repair can help avoid untimely breakdowns in winter.  

A Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats can be sensitive little devils that get out of adjustment at the most inconvenient times.  Breathe Furnace Repair can check that out when doing your pre-winter furnace service.

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