Why Is My Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling?

An AC unit that is not working properly can call for a stressful time that is made worse by heat. 

When this occurs there are usually a few things you can point to as the source of the air conditioning service problem. Here are a few.

1.The Thermostat

Are you not feeling cold air coming from your AC? Check your thermostat settings. 

You want your unit to be turned on and set to cool. Try it out by turning it down to a colder temperature. If you notice the difference there is no need for ac repair, your problem is solved. 

When there is sound coming from your unit but not a change in temperature then you may have an issue. Contact professional AC companies

2. A Breaker Has Been Tripped

Electric power your AC. When your electricity is not working your AC maintenance becomes difficult.

This is where you should check your breaker before doing an ac replacement. Look at the labels and flip them on and off to see if this fixes the issue. 

3. You Have a Clogged Air Filter

Now check the air filter. Note that is located inside your furnace doesn’t negate its importance to your air conditioning installation. The air handler of your furnace moves the cool air past the filter and into your home.

For these reasons, if you’re having issues it will not allow the handler to push the air through.

A good rule of thumb is to check your filter monthly and change it on a 3-month basis for air conditioning repair. This can be affected by having pets as well. Another option is a reusable filter that can be cleaned over and over again in the same time frame.

You get air filters from hardware and home improvement stores. Also, take note of the size of your current filter to make sure you are replacing it with one that is the same.